Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fashion Mobile Phones - Fashion Accessories and Mobile Phone in ONE (Siemens Xelibri)

Wanted something special for an upcoming party? Fashion mobile phones were once a hit in late 90s marketed by Siemens with the brand name Xelibri. For ladies Xelibri 6 and 8 are unique looking and attention grabbing. For guys Xelibri 5 gives a macho and cool image.

Today you can't find fashion phones in the store however if you still own any of these fashion gadgets it is time you dig it up and put it to good use. If you don't, probably you can still buy it from the Internet or you may get a good bargain from auction sites like Yahoo Auction.

Just what can these Xelibri fashion gadgets do for you? Here's a few suggestion:
  1. Ideal when you wanna go clubbing and wanted some cool and nice looking accessories but yet cant' leave home wihout a phone
  2. Just the right gadget cum accessories to make yourself stand out when you have parties or dinners
  3. Fashion phones are basic phones and usually don't come with camera; thus ideal for places or even workplaces where camera phones are not allowed
  4. These gadgets are made of very lightweight materials and each has a unique way of wearing which makes it ideal for outdoor activities

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