Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Travelling with comfort with noise cancellation (Sennheiser PXC450)

Designed for travelling, the latest Sennheiser PXC450 unravels its latest technology in noise cancellation with NoiseGard 2.0 that can blocked up to 90% of ambient noise. The headhphone earpiece rest comfortable on the ears to ensure a relaxing experience even for long hours of travel. Sound quality is excellent with a detailed audio reproduction and sound stage. It has a detachable cord and can be easily folded and fits nicely into a soft casing. Finally the noise cancelling feature of this headphone operates on a single AAA battery and can last up to 20 hours of use.

PXC450 is packed with features:
1. Volume control is conveniently integrated in the earpiece for direct access.
2. TalkThrough function allows you to communicate with people around you without taking of the headphones while the music continues to stream in.
3. On/Off control activates the active noise cancellation to reduce ambient noise of up to 90%

So what can you do with this beautiful gadget!
1. Ideal for audio or music listening while travelling in a noisy environment like airplane, MRT, trains or buses.
2. Especially for long hours flight, the detachable cord allows you to wear it to sleep to mask off the surrounding noise.
3. Be it at home or studio, once plug into your musical instrument, it allows you to listen to the sound of your instrument while it actively reduced the ambient noise.
4. With or without activating noise cancelling, this headphone delivers music with a punch.

PXC450 is well suited for all kinds of music from rock, pop, classical to jazz.